Better ageing through accessible physical activity.

We work with the Aged Care sector to ensure all senior citizens benefit from access to high quality, evidence based movement programs.

Experts claim that half of physical decline associated with old age is due to lack of physical activity. Only 1 in 10 Australian over 50s do enough physical activity to reap the health and wellbeing benefits.

A root cause of this problem is the lack of regular access to skilled care-givers, practitioners and evidenced based movement programs that provide senior citizens with the opportunities to experience physical activity that meets their needs.

A holistic solution delivering patient outcomes and creating provider value

Moovosity’s Aged Care platform enables Residential and Home Care Providers,  Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Carers alike to design, deliver and report on movement and therapy programs tailored to individual patient needs, as well as group based activity sessions. Our solution is designed to;

  • Improve continuity between non-practitioners and practitioners in designing and delivering movement and therapy programs
  • Transfer skills and knowledge to the Aged Care workforce to facilitate program-led patient outcomes and senior citizen health
  • Elevate service quality for both Residential and Home Care service providers
  • Increase service efficiency and reduce cost
  • Provide meaningful and measurable data & insights

Move Well, Live Well

Maintain independence

Fall prevention

Mental health and wellbeing

Reduced hospitalisation

Cardio vascular and respiratory improvement

Enhanced confidence

Reduce frailty

Improve balance

Increased strength

Harnessing technology and best practise exercise and physical therapy

Coordination between health professionals and carers

Scalable delivery

Powerful reporting

Program tracking and observation tools

Patient specific programs

Libraries of exercise and therapy activities

Sound good?
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