Inspire, enable and empower a lifetime of

movement for our children

We are born to move...

From our very first steps, we experience the unbridled joy and power of movement.

Children that move do better...

Better academic performance

Happier and more connected

Better health

The science proves that developing the right movement and activity habits during childhood will have a profound impact on their adult lives.

But a generation of potential will be lost...

Children are moving less than ever before.

They lack the fundamental movement skills of previous generations to run, jump, throw and catch with confidence and sense of fun. 

The Moovosity app provides the tools and imagination to get kids active

Our world-leading scientists have created age-specific programs to develop movement skills for children aged 3 to 11.

Learn to run, jump, throw, catch and kick the right way through fun and easy to learn activities. 

It's easy to use, great fun for children and the perfect way to use 'screen time' in a positive way.

Built on science. Designed for fun.

We've embraced technology to create real-world fun. Animated characters, personalities and sports stars inspiring our children to be their very best.

It's the game within the games - the more they move, the more we reward their avatar with accessories across 5 fun destinations.

Our first program for 3 to 6 year olds is now available! 

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